Rocky's Rewards System

Earn rewards for every purchase you make at Rocky's

Join the Rocky’s family today by enrolling in Rocky’s Reward’s. Receive three of our homemade signature garlic knots free just for signing up! Simply click on the link above and fill out the provided online form to enroll. After this is complete you will receive a confirmation e-mail welcoming you to our family and you will start receiving points along with promotions and news updates from Rocky’s Pizza. In order to make your rewards work better in your behalf please enroll using the primary phone number that you would be most likely to use when calling in an order with us. We also ask that you please make sure that our mail is reaching your inbox so that you do not miss out on all of our updates and promo’s. Additionally each customer has access to their own dashboard where they can see how many points they currently have and also how many points needed until there next reward is unlocked. The dashboard will also show all rewards that are available for you to use. To access your dashboard go to and click login at the bottom of the form. After you log in you can also modify your information if needed.

Rocky’s Rewards works by connecting a given customer by name, number, and email address. Make sure when ordering from Rocky’s that you inform us that you are a rewards member. This is especially helpful to our cashiers if you are calling on a different phone number than you originally enrolled with, or are ordering in person. Informing us will help ensure that we are properly connecting your order with your account. When placing your first online order with us please make sure that you go to “register your account” which can be found on the right column of our online ordering main page under the “log in” menu. There you will fill out the registration form and it will connect your Rocky’s rewards account for all online orders. After this is completed for future online orders you can simply go to the “log in” menu and sign in with your e-mail and password to quickly connect reward points for those online purchases.

When you are enrolled in our rewards system you will receive 1 point for every dollar you spend at Rocky’s Pizza. Our rewards run on a four tier system so that you can unlock different promotions with choices within each tier. In order receive your reward for each tier you must accumulate 70 points. After 70 points are earned for a given tier your reward will be sent by e-mail to you. No need for that extra punch card in your wallet or key chain tag. Our system will prompt us when any reward or rewards are available to you. The option to use your reward when you wish is up to you! Just make sure you do not let them expire. When you have reached all four tiers or 280 points the system will reset and you will start your tiers over again.

Rocky’s reward’s allows you to earn greater rewards when you show your support and continued business for our family restaurant. We look forward to watching our family grow and we are happy to be able to provide our customers with superior fresh food in a clean and friendly environment coupled with a rewards system that gives back to our loyal customers that help support what we do.